External Number group in MS Teams

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Hi All,

Using Teams we can call multiple external numbers simultaneously however, I could not find a way to create a group to include all these external numbers. So the only way to make calls to multiple people is by typing the numbers one-by-one or copy and paste the numbers.

Key points 

  • should be able to create a group of external numbers
  • using one click we should be able to dial out to all the external numbers/users


Is there any way we can achieve the above mentioned key points?


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The only way I know how to do something like this is in group calls with graph API call. So you would have to have an APP created that can do it, or you could go setup something you can paste into Graph Explorer to trigger this. Looks limited to 5 callers for group call, might be able to utilize the meeting one to add participants but doesn't look like it has anything for PSTN Calling.

@Chris Webb 


Thanks for the suggestion.

Is there any plug in/app/ or software that integrates with MS Teams and fulfill the mentioned requirement.



If there was @Matt Landis would know.