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Hi all, 


I am creating a Team to share files and have discussion chat with internal user as well as my external vendor. 

My external vendor and has a teams account. When I added her using her email address, on her laptop she need to switch account to be able to view the Teams which i invite her into. 

Is there any solution for this?

Thanks in advance!

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No unfortunately not, this is how this works by design.

This is because the client needs to switch from tenants.
Yes! Erwin is correct! This is how it works currently! Because the team is in your tenant, the guest can’t see the team when he/she is located in their tenant in Teams! Therefore the switch of tenants must be done

so which mean if she is on her company team, when i message her she will not be notify?
At the top where you switch tenants you can see when you have a notification in the other tenant next to the tenant name
Noted with thanks!
Will test it out.
Hi Mavis-EYS,

As the guys said, this is by design and is consistent across the desktop, web app and mobile experiences. You will need to switch tenants. Notifications will be against the Tenant name.

It is my understanding that Microsoft is currently working on improving this and that these improvement should be seen next year. There are multiple Teams UserVoices open for it including this one

Hope that helps to give you some insight.

Best, Chris