External contacts in teams as AD contact objects


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A common question that crops up for us, as it does for many i would assume is... Are contact lists available in teams... my usual response is no, but there are work arounds ( sharepoint lists,  excel spreadsheets etc ).  My question is, has anyone added external contacts into active directory as contact objects in an attempt to make said contacts searchable within teams?  does it work?



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The best thing would be if you can use the company address book used and managed in Outlook/Exchange, this includes contacts. But currently you can only see your own contacts in Teams that you manage from Outlook, not the company contacts.

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When you search for someone in Teams it will only show users and guests, not contacts. There should be a Global Address book in Teams that includes contacts. There is a uservoice request for that too:



So unfortunately there is no way to centrally manage contacts in Teams today.

I have found this great solution from telisca which can manage all of your external contacts in one place and present them from within Microsoft Team, its called 'Global Directory for Microsoft Teams' check out the intro video @BenRooke