External client uses skype - replies comes to OWA Skype instead of MS Teams.

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So the scenario is: I start conversation on MS Teams with someone external who uses skype for business. I have MS Teams application and OWA opened on my machine. When a person replies - I see the reply on the OWA! - in this Skype OWA addon, instead of the MS Teams application - is there any way to redirect such messages to MS Teams instead of OWA?

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@Pawel Jarosz Do you know which coexistence mode your account is in? (Islands, Teams Only, etc.)


I don't know for sure if being in Teams Only mode would help, but it might be worth looking at.


Here is a reference for the different modes your account could be in:


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You must be in Teams only mode for external chats to land in Teams. Otherwise they all go to Skype for business. Aka owa sonce Skype loads in the top right in owa so you get those there since I would bet some money you are probably on islands coexistence mode ;).

Hi @Kevin McKeown!


You guys together with @Chris Webb are right. We swiched one user to Teams only and automagically responses from users haivng skype - goes now to MS Teams application.


Seems this is an option thta solves the issue for us.


Thank you guys for your help!