Extension dialing from auto attendant

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Have there been any new recent developments or has a timeline been defined for this crucial feature of Extension dialing from auto attendant in MS Teams? TIA

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@DAUJLA The lastest I've seen is from @Waseem Hashem in may 2019 that it is coming later, but no date. The closest feature is that you can search users and connect by saying their name if you are running English language in your AA.



We've reached out to MS and they've advised us it should be ready by November 2019. Was supposed to be ready in Q2 2019. Lets wait and see. Thanks

Hey @DAUJLA. Have you heard anything new on the roll out of dialing by extension through the Auto Attendant? We want to ditch our current PBX and go Teams / MS Phone system but we're very invested in our current extension layout (email signatures, business cards, general user dialing habits, etc.).


Hoping it's just around the corner like you heard earlier.

@lcfowler MS told us today it has now been pushed to the end of the year with further announcements about this feature to be advised at MS ignite. 

@DAUJLA Looks like this is rolling out now.



Confirmed! I’ve had the setting available for a few weeks now and it works well.


Thanks for the heads up guys. Will need to check this out now.

Thanks for showing me

We found a few things to be aware of when setting up this feature in relation to entering a users phone number in Azure AD. We've written a post about the requirements to get dial by extension working correctly, we hope this helps users out. Thanks.



@SiplifiGroup Have you seen any issues with the extensions not updating after the 12 hours?

We were ready to push forward with a migration but extensions are not being populated in the auto attendant (says it can't find the person) even after 12 hours (waited days in one test)

We opened a ticket with Microsoft and they ran some sort of background index sync and that fixed it but adding a new user does not work.

@Brentos have you resolved this issue?  I'm encountering the same.  Thanks in advance



I'm on the same situation ..... I keep getting a message that the extension can't be found, however dialing from a teams client works fine...did you ever got a response or definitive solution from MS?



Hello, were you ever able to get this working? I'm in the exact same situation.

@Adam Sharpe 


yes.  on the azure AD you have to populate the user's contact info, under Office Phone with the same lineuri as on teams. The autoattendant app performs the search on AZAD, so you need to update that. I did it with powershell as I had a lot of users to update. I wonder why MS doesn't do this automatically when you enable the user for teams and assign the number.Capture.JPG

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I think our issue must be different, since I see the lineuri for my test user in Azure AD. I have a support ticket open so I guess I'll wait and see what they come back with. Thanks anyways!
good luck! check DTMF settings on your SBC. that the first issue I had.

@friccicr Are we able to redirect extension numbers externally to an users personal phone number? Without going through setting up the user with a phone system and calling plan. I am looking for it to skip the teams phone number part and just forward straight to personal cell numbers from the auto attendant. Depending on the extension number dialed, it would be a different user?

Yes you can forward to an external phone number from the auto attendant. You still need to setup some sort of pstn connectivity for Teams...either DR or Calling Plans...
let me rephrase the answer.....you can forward from the autoattendant based on digit pressed (0-9).....not extension. If you wish to use extension dialing you do need to enable the users for Enterprise Voice and update the lineuri with a valid E164 phone number. And......update the Azure AD with the proper lineuri including extension number