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I wonder how I can export the list of members of a team to an excel or csv file. When there are some assignments, there is an export option in Grades tab and I can delete the extra columns; but I do not have a solution for the teams with no assignments.

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Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard This only works if you are a member of the team yourself. Cool script but not ideal.

Yeah, we need something better than this. I am not aware of anything else at the moment. An opportunity here for the member of the community. I would look to do one myself but the pattern is literally full for the forseeable future

@Christopher Hoard I was doing a lot of digging on this because a client requested. I found this awesome script:

Only thing I noticed is before running the script (option 9) I had to manually run Connect-MicrosoftTeams for the script to successfully execute.


@Farhad Mazlumi Not the 'prettiest' method, but if you're a member of the MS Team, you should see the group in your Groups drop-down in your left pane in Outlook.  Select the group, then create a new email.  This should populate the To: line with the group name.  Click on the group to expand its members (you may have to click on the "+### others) to fully expand the group.  Copy all the members, and you have a semicolon-delimited list that you can import into Excel...  

Check my Script - 

Export all Teams Channels and all members in Office 365



Hi and thanks for the answer. But why is it not possible, for someone who doesn't have admin rights (because running a power shell requires some privileges...) a Teams owner, for instance, to simply export the list of members?
Fair question

Uservoice for it here

It's a design restriction so unfortunately no way around it

Best, Chris

@ChristianRoy, I agree it would be nice to be able to "manage" your Team membership by export as just a Team owner, especially in the app (and not fully blown admin). But I also think it would be good to allow admins to have the ability to pull the membership data without having to use PS like from the Office 365 Admin or Teams Admin dashboards. I know the horrors most of you might have at this idea, but some of us are stuck on other OS's and PS isn't available. If MS is to move to truly cloud based applications, they're going to have to realize some of these requests should be handled on the GUI cross-platform applications. Of all the reports I can pull for user activity (which are great), I can't pull a membership report for SharePoint or Teams for my entire organization (unless I'm missing something).

This doesn't seem to work in all cases, depending on how the groups are created and maintained in on prem AD or Azure AD

@Christopher Hoard We shouldn't have to do any coding to get a list of members.  It should be part of the basic functionality of the software.

@Farhad Mazlumi 
In the Grades section (education) you can download a CSV document with all members

Cheers Chris for the link.

@UXjoelplasWhen I asked my question, there was no grades tab in Microsoft Teams. But exporting the list of grades may be the best answer to my question these days.

It is noted that there is no grades tab in teams other than Class Teams.

HI Christopher,
The link above doesn't point to the specific script but to a set of scripts of which no one is about exporting list of team members or am I totally wrong?

@UXjoelplas GREAT IDEA, thanks so much

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