Export Teams user call history

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Is there a way to export the call history for individual teams users? (so you can filter on participants etc)


I can view the user call history in the teams admin centre > manage users > select user > meetings & calls - but there is no option to export this? 


I want to view the call history between 2 teams users and the other suggestions found so far haven't worked, if anyone has a solution to export the 30 days listed in the admin centre or longer than this using the  eDiscovery search please let me know :)

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Try creating a custom report in Call Quality Dashboard, it accesses the same call record data as the admin console but once you save a view you can Save then ... Download the output as a CSV.






Thanks Steven, I didn't know that existed but i'll have a look, I found a solution using the eDiscovery search using Itemclass:IPM.AppointmentSnapshot.SkypeTeams.Call. as a keywork but the results are all coming up as unindexed so I can't view them otherwise that would have done it (the instructions say the call details should show as a text message)