Export teams data chat history but failed

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Want to export the data from organization teams but failed.

I'm in "Free (classic)" as the team but under my @hotmail.com account

So I have to switch the account type between "personal use" and "Org."

Goal: Export the chat history, "Teams" board data.

To export the data, I tried all the ways here, but all of them failed.

1. https://privacy.teams.live.com/ui/en/dataexport But the chat history can't be downloaded after it showed up. And the "contact" I downloaded in the same page, just showed the contact I have on "personal use".

2. I followed here to take the screenshot: https://www.technipages.com/microsoft-teams-export-chat-history#:~:text=Check%20the%20status%20of%20...
But every pages are too big to take screenshots, it would ask" are you still there" in a period of time when the program is still running. So I can't finish it for one page.
And it's impossible to do with chat history of course. Sometimes chat history wouldn't show up when scrolling but searching keywords.

3. I went to business account support, and couldn't log in as @hotmail.com. Phone support also said it's not supporting for "Free (Classic)".

4. I saw the API key page, but I can't start it. I don't know how to start it plus I don't think I can use my @ hotmail. com to do that. Neither upgrade my account to do that under hotmail.com

5. I can't even copy & paste. Sometimes chat history wouldn't show up when scrolling but searching keywords. 

6. When I posted this post, I couldn't post ! It said "Correct the highlighted errors and try again.", then said" Post flooding detected (user tried to post more than 2 messages within 300 seconds)"

What happened??

Please help me.



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Does anyone know how to fix the issue?
Unfortunately, the tool you're using is for the personal version of Teams and isn't able to be used with organisation versions. There isn't an option for end-users to export their own chat history (unless you do it one message at a time).
Thanks for the reply.
So do you know how to export one message at a time?
For each message, you can perform an action on it:
- Hover over the message
- Selelct ...
- Select an action

There's a default option to send it to Outlook but you can also choose to create a new action.

Creating a new action will fire up Workflows via Power Automate and there are some existing templates you could use (e.g. Save a message to OneNote) or if you're feeling adventurous, you could create your own.