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Is there a way to export the org structure tree in some format (CSV, JSON, xls, other)?

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While there is no way to export this out of Teams, the org chart is build based on information stored within your directory, which you can query programmatically via PowerShell or the Graph API to build your own solution.

@Vasil Michev Not a good response as this does not provide even the request URL nor the Powershell Module/cmdlet to use. I must also point out that Theresa should not have been able to mark this as the best response (should be up to the requester) as a Microsoft agent. The Microsoft agent is pretty byast especially considering the lack of information/direction in the answer (microsoft graph is a huge API you could have at least provided the exact get to call, not to mention provided some template code based off what Teams uses).

Please give some more information on how to do this Vasil. Can you point us to some sample Powershell code or a link to a description step by step of how to do this? Obviously this data is in Teams, so hopefully there's a standard way to do it...?