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Currently I am a member of 2 Teams. Major Incidents and Releasing. We create a channel every time we have a major incident for a client. We also create a channel every time we have a software release for a client. This works very well for us, however this will also result on us reaching the 100 channel limit fairly quick and need a way to archive the conversation in the channel. Initially I tried to copy and paste the conversation to a document but then realized that the threaded conversation are missing some of the discussions because the application automatically shrinks it which means I have to manually collapse each one before copy and pasting it which is very time consuming.

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I recommend you to review this article written by @Tony Redmond about compliance with Microsoft Teams: https://www.petri.com/teams-compliance-story


Notwithstanding the reference to the article, which covers how Teams captures messages in channels for compliance purposes, I think you're looking for some form of archive and export function where you can mark a channel as "complete" to make it read-only and then export the information for records purposes to some format (not sure that PDF is the best). Finally, you might remove the channel so that you can create a new one.


If so, this kind of functionality does not exist today. You might be able to write such a tool using the Graph API to extract the conversations in a channel and then remove it. Maybe someone else in this forum has done such a thing.

Have there been any updates to the Teams API to enable this? Or has anyone on this forum managed it with Graph? I'm trying to harvest data from a Teams support channel, and it seems ridiculous to do it manually. 


Do we have any updates on this, i am still having trouble exporting conversation, this is now increasing the channel count, i want to delete them but want to a copy of these before they are trashed, appreciate if someone can pick this up and throw some light.


I think the possibility to archive channels would be the best fit here – you'd still have access to the information in one place, but completed channels wouldn't take up quotas or take up space visually. Vote for this suggestion: https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public/suggestions/16940815-ability-to-archive-ch...

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