Experiencing terrible performance in a Teams meeting, with 5+ people & plugged into a 4K screen

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I have a Lenovo Thinkpad i7-7500U CPU, 16GB of RAM, with an onboard Intel HD graphics 620 card.

The CPU consumption is in the low 30% utilization with normal usage (Team chats, outlook, chrome, word, etc..). However, when I join a meeting with 5 or more participants, and my webcam is on, or I try to share my screen - CPU jumps to 100% consumption and stays there. The device becomes so sluggish, that it's basically unusable. Can't unmute myself to  participate in a timely fashion to the discussion, can't really do much of anything - UNTIL - I rip the HDMI cable out of the laptop, and flip it open. Gradually, after about 30 seconds, the CPU goes back to a normal state of usage, and I can unmute, share screen, etc.. 



My question is - has anyone else suffered major performance issues in Teams when plugging in a 4K screen? What could be a possible resolution to this? (besides getting a more powerful device, which I can't do, because it's a device assigned by corporate).

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@mikepiff Hell yes. It's staggering that in this day and age, the most used business app cannot "cope" with 4k monitors. I have tried everything and am now resigning myself to the replacement of my lovely expensive dual 4k monitors with dual FHD simply because Teams cannot cope.

Advice I have found on the forums was first that the docking station connection via USB C was the cause. So I swapped out, and connected directing to screens, bypassing the Dock. NO difference. Made all the config changes like Disable GPU hardware acceleration and still no joy. Set both monitors to 1920x1080 resolution and STILL no joy. Finally found that using only ONE screen via HDMI direct laptop to screen and also only using the laptop to hold the Teams room meeting and then sharing the 27" monitor as needed, finally meant performance was satisfactory.

It sucks that the only way forward is to dump quality screens for basic FHD simply because Teams dictates this. Sorry I don't have better news for you but I have really tried everything people have suggested to alleviate the issue but my findings are that 4k and Teams just do not marry up, in any way, shape or form.