Experiencing terrible performance in a Teams meeting, with 5+ people & plugged into a 4K screen

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I have a Lenovo Thinkpad i7-7500U CPU, 16GB of RAM, with an onboard Intel HD graphics 620 card.

The CPU consumption is in the low 30% utilization with normal usage (Team chats, outlook, chrome, word, etc..). However, when I join a meeting with 5 or more participants, and my webcam is on, or I try to share my screen - CPU jumps to 100% consumption and stays there. The device becomes so sluggish, that it's basically unusable. Can't unmute myself to  participate in a timely fashion to the discussion, can't really do much of anything - UNTIL - I rip the HDMI cable out of the laptop, and flip it open. Gradually, after about 30 seconds, the CPU goes back to a normal state of usage, and I can unmute, share screen, etc.. 



My question is - has anyone else suffered major performance issues in Teams when plugging in a 4K screen? What could be a possible resolution to this? (besides getting a more powerful device, which I can't do, because it's a device assigned by corporate).

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