Expanding a Conversation

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When people reply to posting you need to expand these manually to ready the replies.

Is there anyway to set Team up so they are also exanded...



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No, there isnt. As you can imagine, some threads can get very long and expanding all entries will take up the entire screen, or multiple screens. That said if you feel like this is a "must have" feature, go vote it up on UserVoice.

@Vasil Michev It would certainly be very useful to have this as an optional setting for some converstations


I'd love this. I've been spending hours today going back through channels, looking for the one post that has the information I need to proceed. With the threaded view, it can be anywhere - there are multiple conversations happening in parallel and threads within those. It's hopeless, even though the messages I need include screen shots that would jump out at me if only I could find them.

So yes, I need the option to stop Teams hiding things from me. I don't care if pressing the "Show all" button results in a page that needs a minute to load. That would be immeasurably quicker than looking for loads of separate links and clicking each one.
Any update to this? I would also need this feature.