Expand/Collapse Icon/Tab missing in MS Teams after update

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There used to be an option to hide the left ribbon (e.g. list of all teams) to expand the content you are looking at on the right hand side in your MS Teams interface. Why has this disappeared and how can I get it back?

When I am presenting, I don't want to share the left ribbon, but rather focus on the content I am presenting on the right. 



juliarunow_0-1606383540905.pngThis is the icon that is now missing

juliarunow_1-1606383576447.pngthis is what it looks like now after it disappeared



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I had the same problem. Looking for answer but couldn't find it, and then I accidentally found out myself. If you click on the down arrow next to your planner name at the top nav, you can find "pop out tab" "expand tab" "reload tab" etc. 


Hope that helps solve your problem too.

@juliarunow It is probably in the drop down of the "Assembly & Distribution". I had this with an Excel sheet and found the Expand option in the drop down of the tab.