Exchange Online Email Account with Teams Family Account, and a works teams account

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Hi, I own my own domain (this is my personal domain), and have just started using Exchange Online to host it ( i use to host it on a VM). I only have the basic email only license because I also subscribe to the Office 365 Family account (this is where I'm licensed for teams for personal use)

I also use my personal laptop for work where I use the teams account assigned by them. So basically I have, Teams Personal app set up for my Office 365 Family account. Teams Works & Schools app set up for my work account.

When I receive an invite for teams (like job interviews) on my personal email (exchange online) it only ever wants to open it in the business app which is being used for the 3rd party company I work for.

Alternatively Microsoft wants me to sign up for a trial of teams on my hosted email account.


So two questions: 

1) how do I control the narrative, ie choose which account or app is going to open for the meeting.

2) stop microsoft trying to sign me up for a new business teams account for my domain (or even get them to class it as a personal hosting project) as I only use this for personal use.


Thanks in advance for any help you can give. If I can do number 1, then that would solve all my issues.




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