Exchange Mail User and AAD Guest Users in MS Teams

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I don't know how to behave in this scenario.


There is an Office 365 organization for the Users are synced with AAD Connect and Hybrid Configuration is in place with Exchange. In this Exchange on-prems organization there is a synced user in AAD corresponding to a mail user whose external email address of the mail is is a member of the Office 365 tenant and he must be add to a Microsoft teams team as guest user, so he may log on with Office 365 credential.

If I try to add his as guest user I get an error, but I can add it as member of the team using the synced user, but, if I do so, I must assign a Microsoft Team license.


Any suggestions? Thank you



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@EnricoGiacomin Hi, you can workaround it creating a account just for add it as a member