Exchange Hybrid - Teams Telephony Voicemail Greeting Not Saving

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so we setup Exchange hybrid a while back and all has been working fine. We have just added a new domain into O365 and now when I record a voicemail the recording will not save for test account under this new domain. The old domains that were previously registered work fine in this aspect that when you re-record your voicemail greeting it saves the change.


The calendar app in Teams appears ok for this test domain, so EWS is fine.


We have setup the new domain in O365 and re-run the Exchange hybrid wizard which has picked up the new domain.


We have Exchange on-premise 2016, the test accounts mailbox is on-premise and the Teams account is in Teams only mode.


Any thing else that needs to be done when you add in a new domain?

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@blue-man If you use the then what is the response you get for the user mailbox, also in Teams debug logs I guess you can try to find if mailbox is discoverable, if you see any error for that.

@blue-man Did you get this fixed. We are in a hybrid environment and having the same issue. Appreciate if you have any details.