Excel hyperlink formula returns #VALUE! when opened in Teams but works when opened on desktop app

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For some users (5 employees) a hyperlink formula shows as #VALUE! when they open the Excel spread sheet in Teams. It works if they open it in the desktop app.


Is this a Teams or Excel issue?  Is there a way to fix it so the hyperlink formula works for them in Teams?


For 30 other users, the hyperlink works in Teams.


1. I can confirm that all 35 users have Office 365 installed


2. This is the formula: =IF(R5="Send email to FLM/2IC",HYPERLINK(CONCAT("C:\Users\",RIGHT(LEFT(INFO("DIRECTORY"),FIND("S",INFO("DIRECTORY"))+6),7),"\Company Name\TQA Tools\",'Lists - Do Not Delete'!$O$17,".oft"),"Template Email to FLM/2IC"),"")


3. The template to which the hyperlink leads is saved on each user's desktop therefore the formula part of "FIND("S",INFO("DIRECTORY"))+6),7),"\Company Name\TQA Tools\",'Lists - Do Not Delete'!$O$17,".oft")" is able to look up the user ID which starts with an "S" followed by six numbers


4. The only difference for the 5 users is that they synced their entire desktop to OneDrive at some point thus their directory folder path would not be the same as the other 30 users who never synced their desktops.  But even after unsyncing, removing the folder path from OneDrive, they still get the #VALUE! error when opening the Excel spread sheet in Teams


5. They do not get the #VALUE! error when they open the spread sheet from the synced folder to which the synced spread sheet was downloaded


6. Each user has their private Teams channel from where the spread sheet is saved and synced


I am not certain if it is a Teams issue or Excel issue but assistance to resolve the #VALUE! error when the 5 users access it via Teams will be helpful.


Thank you in advance.



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7. For the 30 users who never synced their desktop to OneDrive, are able to open the spread sheet on Teams and use the hyperlink