Excel Files Opened in the Teams Desktop App

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Hi I was wondering if there is a way to get teams to stop opening up excel files in the middle of the sheet. Everytime I open an excel file in teams I always have to scroll left to get to column A, and up to get to line 1. Is there a way to fix this?

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Ok, so I did a little test and you are not going to like the outcome or at least you shouldn't have to do this.


It basically seems to take you to the last edited cell, which I suppose there is a chance this could be helpful to some.


I first tried last clicked on cell but no dice but if you go in and make an edit to Cell A1 and click into a another cell, come out and comeback in. I am sure you will find yourself at cell A1.





It's 8/30/22 and this is still and issue! Very disappointed that our spreadsheets open all over the place, regardless of frozen panes. Even if I go thru the process of editing A1, clicking on another cell - it doesn't matter, the page is a mess - I have to hit Home/PgUp every time someone goes into the spreadsheet on Teams. 


MS can do better.

This worked, thank you.