Excel file error when opening online

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My entire office is unable to open excel files via teams or sharepoint. The same error shows for every excel file. Files can be opened in the desktop if synced and they synced back to upload. 



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@myersrl My office is experiencing the same problem and receiving the same error message while attempting to use Excel via Teams or Sharepoint.

We are having the same issue but my files are synced and I can view/Edit from Sharepoint.

@myersrl We are experiencing the same issue today at my office.

We too are having the same issue.
we are having the same issue. only excel. Word and other file formats work.
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We were seeing the same issue today, however it has now resolved itself.  Did Microsoft make some type of change to cause and then remediate it? @myersrl 

@newtothegroup716 Thank you. It's resolved now.

@Beth_OUTFRONT same here.  Issue within the app, but works via SharePoint