Escalate federation 1:1 call to a conference


Hello together, 


I was wondering, if you know, if it is possible to escalate a 1:1 federated call to a conference call. 


Imagine the following scenario: 

I am in a call with a federated (external) contact. Now I would like to add a third colleague (internal) to this call. The participant symbol is not visible in the call window, so I am not able to add a third person to this call. 


As a workaround I have to start a call with the internal colleague first and then add the external account there, or start an ad-hoc conference. 


Do you also encounter this scenario, or do you have the possibility to add a third person the the call?


Thanks and Greets,

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Hi Markus,

Not possible to do that after testing since there is no people roster: the people roster allows you to escalate the call.

There is a uservoice open for it here

I have voted on it myself. Would recommend voting whilst Microsoft are still using it

Best, Chris
Hi Christopher,

thanks for the information! I will give it a vote, too :)