Erros when trying to check a box on a planner tab using the desktop app (windows 7)

Paul Dame
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I have a team setup with a Planner tab, when i try to check off the tasks as they are being completed i get the following error when using the Teams desktop application.


"We couldn't update <Task Name>. Please try again later. Technical details

Correlation ID: 25b2f2a1-4e34-491e-b011-c20fea99c375
Time Stamp: Fri, 23 Feb 2018 16:06:52 GMT"
I've replaced the text for the task name, i am able to check them using the web interface however.  It's just not as convenient.
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:(. When you come across this issue again, please report it using Feedback button in Teams. 


cc: @Eray Chou

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