Error with Teams Meeting Recording

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The screen froze on one image from a guest presenter midway through the meeting. As we moved on and another User began sharing their content it still displayed the original guest presenters screen in the recording. The audio is accurate throughout the meeting. I hope this is something that can be fixed somehow.


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Hi @Edanks95

I would open a ticket to Microsoft to investigate and see if anything can be done. If the meeting recording has set like that, particularly if this is how the recording is in Microsoft Stream ( or in OneDrive/SharePoint if you are stored meeting recordings in the new experience, then in all likelihood the meeting recording has botched. I would also try from Stream/OneDrive - wherever the recording is stored, to download a copy and see if the same persists. If it is ok after downloading simply remove the old and upload the video file back into Stream

My feeling is that there isn't likely anything that can be done, so Microsoft need to review to see the root cause of why this occurred

Hope that answers your question

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Step 1: Open Microsoft Teams admin center on the web. Step 2: Expand Meetings from the left sidebar, and select Meeting policies. Step 3: Enable Allow cloud recording toggle from the Audio & video menu. Step 4: Go to the Users tab and select Policies at the top.