Error running CreateSRSMedia.ps1 - Microsoft Teams Rooms USB image creation

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When I run CreateSRSMedia.ps1 under an Administrator PowerShell console, I get an error:

“Cannot convert the "System.Object[]" value of type "System.Object[]" to type "System.Version". At line:1 char:1” (Running it from C:\MTR\CreateSRSMedia.ps1).


No useful information on what went wrong provided. Any idea what could be wrong???


It is step #1 on this page:


I opened a Premier Performance Support ticket, but haven't been able to get a tech who knows what that script is so far. :(



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there should be a transcript.
For me this is in my documents folder.
May be this file helps.



@Paul Lange Thanks for the reply.


Unfortunately, in the transcript, all it says after the usual "start transcript" information (computer information, PSVersion, etc.) all it says is:


Host OS version 10.0.18362.476

Script version 1.5.0

Found CreateSRSMedia already downloaded.

Validating signature for update.ps1...



End transcript.



Looks like it fails after "Test-Signature $UpdatedScript"
Can you try to delete the files and folders that were downloaded in C:\MTR\CreateSRSMedia.ps1 and try it again?
Or you could copy the script to c:\temp and try it again from there.

@Paul Lange  I appreciate your assistance. I created a new C:\temp directory and copied the CreateSRSMedia.ps1 script over so it was the only file in that directory. I executed the script with the same results.  :(

@Richard Eklund Ok - since it is difficult to say why the script fails if you are remote I would recommend to try another PC and run it there.

@Paul Lange Thanks. I am rebuilding another system to try it on right now. Unfortunate it doesn't give any indication to where it fails. 

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I finally figured it out. I have a profile.ps1 in my WindowsPowerShell directory in my documents folder. I didn't use it anymore, but had a "Write-Host" line in there, which I didn't comment out from when I did.


I was able to replicate it by deleting the contents of profile.ps1 and putting write-host "Test" in the file. Launching powershell then gives the error. If I delete it or delete the contents of profile.ps1 so there is no write-host entries, it works fine. Write-Output also gives the error when launching this script.


I tried a few other commands, such as changing directories, and it worked fine, but write-host or write-output in the profile.ps1 broke the script.