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Hello, I am working with a user who is receiving an error when trying to create a Team. The error states, "We couldn't create your team because something went wrong. please try again later." (Screenshot below).


She has a Team template that she uses to create Teams from, though there doesn't seem to be any issues with the template itself, as other Teams attempted to be copied had the same result, and reviewing the settings/name of the Team that she was trying to create, there are no forbidden characters etc. She reports to have been able to do this up until Friday, 11/01/19. This issue occurs both in the web app as well as a client for Windows 10 64bit. Another observation is that she has quite a few Teams created, and am wondering if somehow she hit a limit.


I was unable to find any documentation online about this error and was hoping someone here has heard of it!


~ Chris


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FYI to future readers, this was determined to be a limitation in Teams in which the user had reached the cap of Teams channels to be created. I was not able to determine the true cap, but it is around 200.


Am getting the exact same error in creating a Team (with 9 channels in that Team, and a total of maybe 15 total Teams)


The Team is eventually created, but immediate use is not possible, and in some cases the whole Team disappears unless I log out and back in again (have even attempted to clear Teams cache to resolve issue), but shouldn't have to keep logging and out again to see them once created.

@HTS-Lydia Did you manage to solve this?


I have the same, even with the tenant admin that I get a message : the team cannot be created because something went wrong. Try again later.


But the team seems created, but some tabs are duplicated like 4 times , the members I added, are not added. 

It used to work, but suddenly this gives this error.


@chriscrow3 I have nowhere near 200 teams and this is still occurring. I can't believe we've put our faith in this software and this company.

Hi, I also noticed that when you enable the network location limitation so users can only access Sharepoint from certain locations, they cannot even create Teams....

The thing that people have issues creating teams from another team, seems to be a bug i nTeams (Microsoft support told me), so it creates more tabs than it should.
If this is a correct statement, it is not relevant to the issues in this post. Has Microsoft resolved this? I am getting the same error message and a "Failed to clone your team. Please try again." pop-up that does not seem to go away. It's like Teams is trying but cannot complete the operation. As with others, some semblance of the team I chose to copy may mysteriously appear, but only with a fraction of the channels and without any of the Tabs or other features selected when making the copy.
I am trying to get my school ready for the new academic year and need to creat new class Teams. I have a template class with all the channels set up (about 15). Whenever I select this class as a template after a while I receive the message saying that there was a problem and that the team could not be created. Then after I refresh the page the team appears but only about 5 channels. This happens in both the Browser and Desktop version. My IT team suggested clearing the browser cache, this did not fix it. They also suggested a private or incognito window (I have not tried this).
Bottom line is this why does this feature just not work. Teams seems to act nothing like any of the other MS apps, it’s as if its creation was sub contracted out to a team of developers who very loosely followed any MS standards (sorry I am being harsh, but we have been having trouble with it on and off all year.

@JonnyAlpha Hi, and for all who added replies to my original post.

I have found that patience is the best thing. I don't at this moment still receive as many of these errors as I used to. Realistically, I have come to find that Microsoft has been inundated with everyone using Teams and their servers couldn't handle all the responses that occur all at once. The Teams for the most part will eventually be created (despite the error), so if you wait 10-15 mins before you try again, that is best.



Hi Lydia, further to your suggestion I have found that on a Windows 10 machine (even after the 15 minute wait) there was no Tile for the Cloned Team that had been created. The Team was however visible in the "Manage Teams" listing. In order to get the Tile for the Team I needed to Quit the Teams Desktop app and then relaunch it. The strange thing is though, I have a Mac running next to my Windows PC which is also signed into my Teams account and the tile for the new Team appeared on this platform.