Error on signing in on iOS app: "that looks like a personal email"

David O'Donovan
New Contributor

I have invited a guest to a team chat using their "" account. Each time the guest attempts to sign in through the Teams app on their iPhone (SE running iOS 10.3.3), they receive the message "that looks like a personal email".

Since receiving this message, the user has successfully signed into Teams using the same email address on a web browser on Android app.
The issue appears to be isolated to iOS.

Can someone please advise what the issue could be here?

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Sounds like your not getting the latest teams client on iOS. 10.3.3 is also pretty old it could be preventing getting the latest update as well if you seem to not be able to see updates from the App Store.

This actually had been an issue that got caused by an update, rather than an old version, but it's fixed on our end now at least (= I say that because one of our phones went from no issue to issue (with a slight change of text on sign-in page) to no issue again)

Thanks Matthias and Chris.

A reinstall over the weekend has sorted the issue.