Error message during MS Teams meeting creation via Outlook 365 for Mac

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one of the Mac users in our company is experiencing issues while he's trying to start an teams meeting via the Outlook plugin. The error message says:

"Cannot create Teams Online Meeting. Please go to help > contact support to report the isse"

The Mac user reinstalled Outlook for the second time already, to solve the problem. What I've checked:

  • Teams button is available
  • Teams ist started before Outlook
  • The user is logged into our own tenant
  • He is using the correct licence
  • He's the only user affected, every other Mac/Windows clients work fine


Somebody solved that problem?




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UPDATE: The mac user has the problem again. He was able to create 2 or 3 meetings at friday, after he reinstalled Outlook.

@Peppe95 I have one user having the same issue. I am not able to find any solution as of now. Attaching screen here.



@akshayko I did the following and it worked for me:

1. Please quit all Office applications in your Mac device.
2. Open Word application.
3. Sign out of the account that logged in.
4. Sign-in back again.
5. Now re-launch Outlook again and check if it makes any difference.



I am having the same issue since a month ago. Tried the logout of Word account solution without success.

Hi @sebcou,


we still have no solution for the problem too.


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This worked for me (i.e., signing out of Word and then signing back in). I have had to do it two times on my Outlook 365 for Mac.



I have the same issue on mac and I had no luck when I tried Kevk1900's fix but strangely enough got it working with this:


  • Close all Office applications
  • Launch Word, sign out, close Word
  • Launch Outlook and create Teams meeting

After that I was able to launch Word again to sign in and have the Team meeting links on Outlook still work. Hope this helps.





I just had the issue on a windows computer and this solution worked right away

Hi Peter!

Have you ever found a solution for your problem?
I have the same problem. When I am signed in at outlook for mac AND Word I get the ""Cannot create Teams Online Meeting. Please go to help > contact support to report the issue" box.

If I sign out at word and don't sign in back the teams plugin works.

@Peter_Nguyenyour fix works for me as well, but only temporary. Even after i logged in to my O365 account again i can still schedule meetings using the MS Teams add in, but after i closed all O365 apps on my Mac I am back to square one, and have to redo the logout again. Any workarounds to this?

It worked with me with the following steps:


1. Close all office apps.

2. Open MS Word and sign out.

3. Close MS Word and re-open it again then sign in.

4. Close all office apps again.

5. Open Outlook and try.



After wiping my Mac clean of all Microsoft software, restarting, reinstalling and setting up Office and Teams from scratch, I was able to create one Teams meeting in Outlook. The next try however yielded the dreaded “Cannot create Teams online meeting. Please go to Help > Contact Support to report the issue.” error (see attached). The five-step process described in this thread did not help. This is quite exasperating, and I have run out of ideas to try. Any help would be greatly appreciated.