Error message - can't send message before X approves conversation

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I'm using Teams with two accounts on my professional laptop (one with my email, one with my gmail account which I use to speak to people outside the organization as IT limited communication with external users). 


I added several people from a prior organization on my gmail Teams account and I encountered an error several times (4 times out of 8 people added). 

First, I started a conversation with individual users and after a while, I am no longer able to send them any messages (but I continue to receive theirs). I get an error that says :

"X doit accepter votre demande de conversation avant que vous puissiez lui envoyer votre prochain message" (FR)

"X must approve your conversation request before you are able to send anymore messages"

(I'm using the French version of Teams so I'm translating the error message)


I managed to circumvent the issue by creating a group chat with the person I was speaking to and another user (either my professional account or another external user), and I have not encountered this error again (so far).


Does anyone know what may have caused this ? Any idea on how to fix this ?



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Hi! This is a new feature just rolled out you’ve been caught up in :)

As soon as they approve your chat request, you can have a conversation!

@adam deltinger Thanks for your reply but none of them saw any option to approve the chat request (we had been talking in a conversation prior to this message so they saw no difference)


How can they approve it ?

Hmm, it might be some bug during roll out then! I haven’t seen this before! I’d create a ticket with Microsoft to figure it out

@FTIcalaus @adam deltinger 

Hello, I have the same problem and don't find any solution.

Please help



@FTIcalaus @Adam_deltinger @Bea44115
I have the same issue as described above - has anyone found a solution for this in the meantime?
Hi, I have the same issue. Still no solution?
This issue confirms how useless at software development Microsoft is. Teems is a piece of crapware. What happened to the vacuum cleaner that doesn’t suck?