Error Installing Teams desktop client

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I have a user who is on Windows 10 and I'm getting an error on the install, I click view log and get this ... anyone know how I can get passed this and get the application installed?

Teams Error.png


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Is it just that one user that has the issue? As in others on Windows 10 are not having the issue installing?

Its the first one I have come across ... We are at the beginning of our teams journey, so only my team have it installed at the moment. This was the first user outside the IT department ... so kinda annoying as we  have a really good use case, but failed at step one ... hmmmmm

Hrm. Could be to do with permissions or something specific to that user or computer.
What about another user outside of IT?

Windows 10 version is 32 ou 64 Bits? How about the Teams Installer?

The installer is 64bit, and so is Windows.

Will try ... someone else

Same problem for me, W10 Enterprise 64bit, Creators Update, MS Teams Installer: Failed to extract installer.
Have extract the Installer with 7zip, but just starting the executable, which is unpacked doesn´t install anything.
OK, could solve it. The run mode, from teams, is very suspect. For me, SRP blocked the execute from teams. In my setup, admins are allowed to run every software, but the installer seems to change, after unpacking teams, to the interactive User session, which is not allowed to run the update.exe. After adding the certificate, teams installer is working.

I am getting below error while installing Microsoft Team  Desktop App 64-Bit




I have already installed the bot framework emulator. It seems like Microsoft Team Desktop app is not compatible with bot frameowrk emulator.

Is it correct assumption or am i missing something ?


Can you please share the exact work-around? I'm getting the same error "failed to extract the installer".

Download Teams, open it with a ZIP solution. Unpack the files inside. Then use the certificate from this files to approve them with SRP or Applocker.

I don't know if you finally got the answer you were looking for but, there is an %LOCALAPPDATA%\squirrel temp\updater.exe file that you must have an exception for in your SRP to allow the program to update. @Deleted 

Also you only need to use the 64-bit teams installer if you have 64-bit office. You should also make not whether or not it was a click to run install as well@KennyB_ 

@Michael Schuricht I know this thread is OLD, but I wondered what the certificate file was called?


I am having issues resolving the "Teams.exe - Installation has failed error message"






Hi, what certificate are you referring to?


After Unzipping the file right click on the installer, properties, Digital Signatures Tab. Highlight the item and the list and select details. View certificate button. Details and copy to file. Next>Name file and import that file you saved into your SRP folder as a certifcate

Thanks @KennyB_ Do I extract the exe installer or the msi?


Also, are you able to confirm what other paths I need to add to my SRP?


Start "" /Wait MSIEXEC /i %WINDIR%\Temp\Teams_windows_x64.msi /qn ALLUSERS=1







Thanks again @KennyB_


I have added the rules and the application is deploying successfully.


You are a life saver :smile: