Error importing excel data into shifts

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I use an Excel sheet to organize my team shifts before import to shifts.

As I do all months, I tried to import next month data to Teams, but I got this error:


AADSTS65002: Consent between first party application 'aa580612-c342-4ace-9055-8edee43ccb89' and first party resource 'cc15fd57-2c6c-4117-a88c-83b1d56b4bbe' must be configured via preauthorization - applications owned and operated by Microsoft must get approval from the API owner before requesting tokens for that API. Trace ID: c889252a-fd75-4c22-82ec-8114d6073500 Correlation ID: 92a51bf7-e640-4720-90c7-91019d982c88 Timestamp: 2023-02-24 21:40:20Z


someone know what kind of problem is this?

Can I do something to make it work again?


PS: I already tried the same file I imported last month successfully and got the same error.

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I have exactly the same problem.

We are having the same issue we use this daily and now something has changed which causes this error. 


We have checked the import file but cant seem to solve this issue - any assistance



@Ives_Cunha I had the same problem also last friday.



same problem appears in my organization :(
I am also having the same problem
jup same issue in our tenant
It's fixed!!!


Yeah, I had the same problem.

I contacted Microsoft Support yesterday morning (CET), and they said the issue might be related to a change in the application ID, and they would check with their internal team. Haven't heard back from them yet, but it does seem they have fixed it, now.