Error creating sharepoint page as an Teams app with App Studio

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I have tried to follow this guide to add a "intranet" button on the left sidebar in Teams. 


When I try to install the app, I get an error message that says: Something went wrong. If you want more information go to from norwegian).


When testing the app I only get this error message:


If I remove "" from the resource info under it says:

  • MPNID cannot be empty
  • StaticTabs are only supported in personal scope


Here`s the app manifest:


  "$schema": "",
  "manifestVersion": "1.9",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "id": "bd35e7e3-50b0-403b-82f3-6a9943aa1099",
  "packageName": "",
  "developer": {
    "name": "Nerliens Meszansky",
    "websiteUrl": "",
    "privacyUrl": "",
    "termsOfUseUrl": ""
  "icons": {
    "color": "color.png",
    "outline": "outline.png"
  "name": {
    "short": "Nyttig info",
    "full": "Interninfo til ansatte i Nerliens Meszansky"
  "description": {
    "short": "Intern side for nyttig info",
    "full": "Dette er en Teams app som peker til en Sharepoint-side som samler all nyttig info internt i NMAS.\n- Patrick P."
  "accentColor": "#FEAE25",
  "staticTabs": [
      "entityId": "1971917",
      "name": "FirmaHub",
      "contentUrl": "",
      "scopes": [
  "permissions": [
  "validDomains": [
  "webApplicationInfo": {
    "id": "00000003-0000-0ff1-ce00-000000000000",
    "resource": ""



Attached you will also find the app package


I have tested this inn App studio for Teams in MacOS 11.2 and Teams in Windows 10.

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@ppedersen85 same error for me

I think it's temporary error, it worked yesterday

I'm getting the same issue - before this, I got a perpetual loading circle in the desktop app, but in web version it worked fine.
Now I can't publish at all.
I have an open ticket with Microsoft to investigate

@ppedersen85  We have the same issue. It was working last week. I guess it is a temporary problem.



Hi. It works now so probably something that needs to activate before using it.


Is this a app solution stable? Im thinking about using this app as a main button for our company portal (intranet) like a one-stop shop for internal information, policies and routines.

I hope that this app (sharepoint page on the left sidebar) is a stable solution!


Does anyone know more about it?

So you have changed nothing and it works? I am still getting this message.

I'm getting this now - what is going on??




We're experiencing the same issue.



Same issue. Started on Monday and couldn't have happened at the worst possible time.

Anyone found a solution?

There is a Workaround for this. Just Upload the application directly through the admin center. Even if the App is throwing exceptions (and even if they are not valid). You are still able to deploy the app in your tenant through the admin center.


@Ramy_Bouslimi Thanks - but the app fails to work in the desktop client, it only works in the teams on the web

Then you have to check your single sign on settings. Furthermore to access sharepoint within the teams desktop app, you have to authenticate through teams logon like this : https://[domainUrl]/_layouts/15/teamslogon.aspx?SPFX=true&dest=[pageUrl]

@Ramy_Bouslimi thanks for your guidance, i already tried that though



initially it was the 'show loading spinner' setting. I unticked that, but now get a different, larger spinner

@Pjones82 Same problem here.

Not able to upload app through Teams admin center.

Error when uploading

anyone else noticed it just started working?

not sure if it's just a fluke!

@Pjones82 spoke to soon - restarted teams and now i have the circle of doom again. Something odd going on with authentication i think

Looks like you need to visit a Sharepoint embedded Teams channel first to establish a cookie. Not sure if theres a real solution apart from this workaround. Cross posted for reference: