Error AADSTS50020

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I have been invited as a guest onto an external organisation's Team account using email address I want to set up Teams for my personal use using email address but it does not let me.


I get an error that assumes I want to be on the external organisations' Teams as it says the email does not exist in tenant of the external organisation. It suggests I am added to their azure active directory.


No, I dont want to be a part of the third party organisation Team with my personal email How on earth can I force Teams to recognise this and let me login with my personal email? 



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Hi @iqbalbedi ,


So if you want to setup a Free Teams Org for yourself, go to:


And hit sign up for free and enter the desired email address.


Or if you want personal Teams, then do this via the Mobile App.


It sounds to me like you might have gone through with an invitation link and whilst still within that session, it was still latching onto that sign in attempt to Teams when trying to sign up for Teams as yourself. Or at least that is what I am hoping it was.

I mean to be sure no unwanted creds are being involved, you could start an in private browser session and go to the above link and try and sign up.

Let me know if it is still not working with exact errors and ideally screenshots and I will see what else I can think of.