Engineering Drawing Checking Process

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I am an Engineer for a manufacturing company. All of our drawings for parts and assemblies comes through me before it is released to our production floor to be built. I generate a PDF and then send it to my colleagues (other engineers) to review the drawing and approve them or send them back to be revised. Our current process involves sending the PDFs through Outlook, opening them up in Acrobat, and then either signing (through Acrobat) or adding comments to the drawing for errors, before sending them to the next checker or sending them back to me to be revised.


I would like to do this through Teams. I have looked into the acrobat and Adobe sign apps within Teams, but neither one has the functionality we need to be able to mark-up the print and digitally sign to pass on to the next checker. 


I have briefly explored the  idea of using microsoft PowerApps to develop something to handle this, but am unsure if it will play nicely with sharing a network location and/or if all other users would need full access as I have. 


Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi @Wes_Cantrell  Have you seen this article that was just posted earlier this month? Collaborate on PDFs within Microsoft Teams (