enable personal/vanity URL for Teams meetings

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Is there a way in Microsoft Teams to enable personal/vanity URL for Teams meetings?


For example with Join Me we have (join.me/dirving-domainname) and I can quickly do ad hoc meetings by telling the user go to "join.me/dirving-domainname"


Anyway to do similar with Microsoft Teams?

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Each meeting you schedule will have a different meeting URL and different conference id. A reoccurring meeting will have the same meeting information (URL and conf ID). In Skype for Business a One Time scheduled meeting expired 14 days after the scheduled meeting time, but it looks like meetings does not expires in Teams. I tried to join meetings that was scheduled two years ago and that was no problem to join them.


With that said I think you should be able to schedule a meeting, copy the meeting URL and use some online service to make the join link shorter and easier to remember. But there is no Teams service for this.