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In our meeting rooms at the office we use Logitech Rally Kit products to meet with each other on daily base. Mostly via MS Teams. Our roms are provided with an Logitech Tab (Microsoft Teams Rooms device) where you can start the meeting and collaborate. 


Right now this is possible with only 1 stream and you can connect multiple camera's to the Logitech Tap device. To switch between those camera's you need to phisically press a button on the MTR.

Somebody in the meeting needs to do this.,


What we want for some rooms is a multiple stream support for MTR to automate this proces. This means we can have multiple camera's in the room (1 presented at audiance and one at the presenter) Camera can move when the presenter is walking in the room. When you open teams you will see multiple camera's in the meeting and online participants can see in one overview all the camera's. There is already a solution for this if you purchase additional hardware like Yealink or QSC. You still have 1 signal, but that hardware combines the signals into multiple signals in Teams.


With the default Logitech Tap hardware and Rally kit plus systit is not possible. 


I've already talked to a Microsoft Technical engineer for this and he recommended me to start a discussion, because this functionality was not visable on the roadmap. 


Could you please advise and give us more information when this feature will be implemented?


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@Eugene_Molenaar Microsoft are allowing this to a set of features that the manufacturers of room equipment provide, many do so already e.g. Jabra Panacast and Neat Symetry.


You mention Logitech who call this feature RightSight on their device, at the moment they focus on auto framing the scene, but I suspect in the future you'll see more split feeds like Neat Symetry. I'm not a Logitech expert but I think you install a driver on your room system, read more here RightSense™ Technology - Rightsight, Rightlight, Rightsound (logitech.com)