Employee Service Desk Within MS Teams

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Hi, Does anyone have any experience of working with the service desk within MS Teams? We are trying to implement one for our internal team. But we're getting confused as there are so many options. Looking for an option that makes knowledge management simpler.


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What are your requirements? Is This to be used for the whole org?


Let me explain my requirement.

We are a 215 people organization, and I am recommending implementing an enterprise service desk – for IT, HR, finance, project teams. I am looking for a product that has decent ticking, but also great knowledge management. I am trying to get people to do self-service via MS Teams. Just ask questions and create quick tickets conversationally. Although there are many ticketing products – I am trying to find a product that works well. I am hoping we don’t have to engineer something ourselves. If anyone has used a conversational solution and can recommend – that will be much appreciated.

@steven_140  Hi Steve, I would recommend that you have a look at www.rezolve.ai  . Rezolve is a MS Teams native configurable Service Desk. It uses conversational AI ( virtual assistant) and has many cool features like live-chat, process orchestration, task automation etc. 

 Full disclosure - I am part of Rezolve.ai team.


We, Instant Technologies, have been deploying an employee service desk within Microsoft Teams for a few years. We currently have a solution that is available in the MS Teams App Store, is cloud based, and integrates with the latest Azure OpenAI services. You can take a look here: https://www.chimev5.com/
We include reporting, customized chat workflow, integration with ticketing systems, and chatgpt integration. Chime V5 also includes a full CMS to allow the service desk to quickly create FAQs and other docs for self service.
Based on your requirements, we have a product that might be a good fit. Chime V5 is a cloud based application and it is available in the MS Teams Store. We include a full CMS (based on Orchard) so that the desk can quickly create FAQS -and these will also be used to help train ML models.
You can customize the chat workflow, integrate with common ticketing systems, route to live agents, and track everything with reports and dashboards.
Happy to have you take a a look https://www.chimev5.com/