Embed teams video call on website?

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I know Microsoft Teams offers option to embed Live Chat onto a website, I'm wondering if it's possible to add function to video call similar to it?

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Yes, but you have to build it using Graph API Teams Calls

@Juan Carlos González Martín Building outgoing calls from website using Graph API would need a User identity on Outlook 365, isn't it? We can setup an account for the application but it wouldn't it need to be per user? For a customer facing application, a user will not have O365 account.  

Hello @Juan Carlos González Martín ,


Thank you for pointing to the Graph API. I read the documentation and it looks like using the Graph API only allow to answer pre-recorded messages.


I also need to embed a video call in a web page for a client, but really embedded. The video call should happen in the web browser. Do you provide a JS SDK to allow somebody to join a Teams Video call from a web browser?

Hello @raphaeljoieNTT,

I am trying the same thing to implement the video call in my website using microsoft. Did you found a way to do that ?? If Yes, Please Help!

@Naman55 nope :( I guess it's a no, and they want to force users to use their own branded interface



jitsi can!  Run it on hosting or on your own server. or 

How is everyone doing the "Microsoft Teams offers option to embed Live Chat onto a website"?