Embed Custom URL Protocol in MS Teams Chat

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We use Microsoft Teams desktop for daily communications. We have other tools which create custom URL protocol links which greatly aids communication via email, etc. The issue is Teams does not seem to recognize those URLs. It'll underline them (presumably from the underlying copied formats), but nothing happens when you click. Non custom URLs such as onenote:// work. Has anyone gotten custom URLs to work in Teams?

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Hi @DanMarkoff

Feedback for this here (As raised below replacing the old uservoice)

Would recommend voting on it and pushing it up the agenda

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard no, that really doesn't answer my question.  That post is nearly 3 years old.  Does this effectively mean the Teams Dev Team has 0 plans to implement this?

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It does not mean they have no plans for it. It just means it is not there today and not on the roadmap at the current time. Teams is a massive development area and have dozens of features going into it month by month. Uservoice has been very successful in getting feature onto that roadmap and into the Teams client. I would also recommend keeping an eye out for AMA's on Teams here and direct the question right at the product team.

Obviously if there is a feature you want to see and it's not there it's going to be frustrating. However, keep adding your voice, and drive others to uservoice can make a real difference

Best, Chris

I would be also very interested in this feature. Do you know any News about this? @DanMarkoff 

@SchwaD nope :(

I tried it again the other day and it still didn't work. 

Hi @DanMarkoff and @SchwaD, I just raised a request on this topic on the MS feedback plattform under Maybe you want to vote on it and add your use case in a comment.
Voted! Thanks guys