Emails with Attachments sent to Team Channel no longer showing in card

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We have a process that runs a tieout and emails a teams channel with a csv of data that doesn't tieout. Today we started experiencing an issue where the Teams card that gets posted to the channel isn't including a link to the file. I can confirm the files are making it into the "Files" tab, but we would like to be able to see it on the card itself.



Patrick Burrus

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Hi, just a wild guess here but it could be related to the incident in multiple M365 services yesterday. I've also read in another conversation about a similar scenario that happened just now also affecting some automatic attachment flows to channels. In other words, I would open up a support ticket with Microsoft just to be sure.
We noticed the same issue as well. Ours started on 03/12 so I doubt it has anything to do with the recent Azure AD issues. I've been searching for a cause or solution, but haven't found anything. Will be interested to hear if MS support provides a solution.

Weird... It seems like it's back to normal today? Wonder if there's a bug or something in TEAMS? I didn't have access to raise a ticket to Microsoft myself, so I reached out to our internal Microsoft Support Team to create a ticket.


Thanks all for the responses! If I get any more information, I will update this page!