Emails to Teams channels are not delivered - No error messages

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Email messages to TEAMS channels have stopped appearing in the channel since 8:04 this morning NZ time 27 May 2021.

I've checked 


And reported an issue on the servicehealth portal


When an email from someone in our organisation sends an email to the email address of a channel the email is sent (appears in the user's sent folder) but no message or attachments appear in the Teams channel. This functionality has been in use for over a year in multiple channels across different teams and different users.

This morning nothing - no delivery into the channel and no error message back to the sender.


I tried editing the description of a channel to see if that then allowed emails to be received by the channel as per

but that had no impact. Email messages to the channel did not appear.


Anyone else seeing this.


PS It is Thursday here in NZ and often that means that Wednesday night updates by MS cause us issues as the first to wake up for the day.


PSS We've done a trace for a test message through, Spam, Security and Exchange but couldn’t find any fault, and then performed a message trace in Exchange online and can see the message is being reported as being successfully delivered.

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I've also checked my spam folder, and found no responses or delivery failure messages there
This was on the back of the following issue, just to rule it out
I think this issue is related to
BUT not the sender's Junk folder, the Junk folder associated with the Teams Channel.

What I think is happening is that emails to the TEAMS Channel email address e.g.
are being routed to that email box JUNK folder, and thus not showing up as posts to the Channel.

We will have to wait on a fix from Microsoft.
It would be good to get this confirmed by MS.
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Overnight (27th - 28th May) here in NZ , the missing emails to Teams Channels sent between the hours of 27th 8:04am and 27th 12:54pm appeared.

My guess is that these were in the Teams Channel Email box SPAM folder, and due to EX258373 being resolved were moved out of the SPAM folder for each channel's email.


Several things about this are frustrating:

  • there isn't an easy way to know for certain if there are any messages in a Teams channel email box SPAM folder.
  • there was no mention in EX258373 that Teams Channel Email boxes would be impacted, it is just my supposition that this was the cause.

As with outages cause by MS changes that appear in New Zealand tenants on Thursday AM each week , we are the ones who have the issues BUT get very little in terms of visibility from MS as to how long an issue will take to resolve , or even that it can be resolved.

This means staff in organisations doing my role have to communicate with our organisations that we must just wait and see. If we were able to provide even a little more detail our organisation's trust in us, and in Microsoft would not be eroded as much as it is.


@Mark Kashman Any chance the communications could be more open and less litigation averse with future outages ?