Emailing to a Teams group (Tagging)

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When I forward an email into a Teams group is there a way of tagging that Team in the email so everyone gets notified of the new post within Teams?


Not sure if I am being a little stupid but just cant find a way!


Thanks everyone :)

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Hi @richard1991 ,


So for me you have two moving parts here, so you have the emailing into the Channel of a Team and then Teams notifications.


So for me the quick answer to your question is no, but what you can do is ensure that the required settings are in place against a Team/Channel where an email would end up, so as to notify the relevant people.


However this will require some cooperation, compared to the notification effect of an @mention, which I believe is what you were wanting to almost do as part of the email.


You could of cause @mention in the email but this would just send another email and notification and lead to a duplicate email which is probably not desired.


So if all was left as default, you would still get visual indicators that a message had arrived, such as emboldened Channel name if not already within the Channel.


Failing that you could utilise the below that would lead to a popup toast notification when anything arrives in that Channel including emails.