Emailed attachements to Channel have file name changed

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Im not sure what is happening.


Here is the situation:

  1. A member sends an email with documents attached and cc's the channel email address.
  2. The email appears in the channel, but the file name of the attached documents gets appended with a bunch of random numbers at the end.
    1. For example, if the attachment was named "Test.docx" it appears as "Test_234592345223.docx"
  3. The attachment name appears normally in the email though.


Why is this happening? Is there a way to stop the name change? given that you cant change the way the attachments are displayed to show the whole file name those extra 10 or so characters are not helping

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@jstein525 It actually enriches the files with the number so you can still relate the attachment to the email message. It is by design

@paul keijzersthats great and all but is there a way to stop it from doing that?

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@jstein525 no at this moment not you could create a webhook which catches the document when it comes in and change it directly.  

If it were a timestamp, or an increasing sequence number, that could be helpful. But it's just apparently random digits.

The files also have punctuation like dashes, underscores, and colons removed.

If Microsoft could give us a way to turn this off, it would make our lives easier. Thanks.