Email Notifications for Personal Mentions

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We have just moved to Teams from Skype. Many users who are unfamiliar with MSTeams are not in the habit of opening the app first thing in the morning or simply leaving it open.


As such it would seem to me that the only way to prompt users into joining a Teams conversation would be to at-mention them. According to the default notification settings this is supposed to generate an email to the user telling them they have been mentioned in a conversation.


This does not seem to be working. I have run tests myself by quitting Teams and having a colleague at-mention me but all I get is a banner and no email. My 'Missed activity emails' setting is currently set to 'As soon as possible'.

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Hi @SeanS,


You configure notifications in Teams by clicking your Profile Picture and selecting Settings. On the Settings dialog, select Notification tab and choose the desired settings. See the attached screenshots.



@SeanSI have the same problem and I have no idea or clues whats the reason for this.

This is a known issue right now and not working for anyone. Waiting on Microsoft for official word as to why.

@Chris Webb 

Ever figure this one out? I'm seeing this same issue as of today.

Notification setting options have changed in the client since the time you posted this, but I have a user that has Activity Emails to send "As soon as possible" and they don't get an email when they are @mentioned in a channel and they are signed out of Teams. They are getting emails for @mentions for the entire Team or direct chat messages.

Looks like this is currently an issue for everyone.


Screenshot 2021-03-01 101734.png

thanks so much, Joe! We are having the same problem in our organisation. Team mentions seem to work though, both for "All Activity" and for "Mentions & replies" settings above I get email notifications if the team is mentioned when my account is inactive. This could be a way to work around it until they fix it, although definitely not ideal

@SeanS Looks like they "fixed" it by simply getting rid of email notifications from being an option at all. Way to go, Microsoft.


Is email notification not possible at this time?