Email notifications for @Mentions on Private Channel not working

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We started a new Private Channel and I added a couple users from the "Umbrella Team" into the Private Channel. They have successfully been added as Members (and they also did get their permissions properly added to the SP Site). 

All Team Members (and myself) have the Personal Mentions settings in Teams set for Banner and Email.  The Banner works, but the Email notification is not occurring.  There doesn't seem to be different Channel notification settings for a Private Channel and matches the settings that have been used on the "Umbrella team". 

Is this a known bug or are settings for personal @mentions on Private Channels somewhere different?


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You will not get an e-mail if you see banner notifications. You only get an e-mail if you are away from your pc idle for around 3-5 minutes. Try having your user either sign out, or go away from PC and not use mobile device for 5 minutes then try to @ mention them.

@Chris Webb 


I had a user sign out of Teams and they don't have the Mobile App. I used a @mention in one of the regular channels and then created the @mention in the Private Channel. 

The email notification was received for only the regular channel. 

I think @mentions only send an e-mail once every so often? Maybe check the messages, log out again and try just the private channel, if it still doens't work then it is probably bug that would need to be submitted.

@Chris Webb 


I've tested again, this time not creating the @mention until the user was logged off for 10 minutes. I then waited over an hour and there was never an email notification during that span of time. (We checked all of the user's folders just in case the notification got relocated somewhere else). As soon as the user logged back into Teams, the @mention was in Activity.


I have used the Feedback button in Teams to submit this issue with details. Is there somewhere else to submit this as a bug?

Putting in a ticket. I will see if I can bring visibility to it as well after I reproduce it.

@Chris Webb 


I have been working with Microsoft Support, but I wanted to share one of the suggestions that they have provided thus far in case it helps someone else resolve this if it happens to them. Unfortunately, this suggestion hasn't helped me, but I'm still working with Support.


  1. On the affected user Teams client, Go to the setting option and choose notification tab
  2. Under notification tab, Go to mentions and check if Personal mentions, Channel mentions and Team mentions are set to Banner and Email or not.
  3. If they are set to Banner and Email, change it to Banner.
  4. And scroll down get to the "Other" Section and in there check for "Missed activity emails".
  5. Make sure it is set to "As soon as possible".
  6. Once done Save your setting and wait for 5 mins
  7. Let the user sign out from teams application
  8. Wait for 5 mins and sign back in again.
  9. Once you login again, Go to the setting option and choose notification tab
  10. Under notification tab, Go to mentions and set  Personal mentions, Channel mentions and Team mentions as Email and Banner.
  11. Once done Save your setting and wait for 5 mins
  12. Let the user sign out from teams client.
  13. Wait for 5 mins and then do the @ mention in one of the channel were affected user is a part of. (Please make sure at this step that user is not logged in teams at any other location and please wait for 5 mins as email always trigger when the user is offline for 5 mins.)


I've also tried other variations of turning the setting for Missed Activity Emails to a couple of the options (i.e. every 10 minutes) with no success. But it is possible that this could help someone else out.

@mhines thanks for sharing your experiences on this. We're having the same issues with Private Channels. This is especially difficult as we've got external guests in a private channel who rely on receiving email alerts as they're not regally in our Tenant. I tried the suggestions you'd had from Microsoft but it made n difference. Notifications from standard channels are working fine but nothing comes through from Private channels. 


I'm just about to raise a ticket with Microsoft Support but if anyone know's any official line on this or has any additional experience or updates on this it would be great to hear. 

@Phil Maynard. I'm experiencing the same issue. I tested tagging our external guests in a standard channel and they received an email but not when I tag them in the private channel. I know there are several features that are available in a standard channel that are not in a private channel and it looks like this is one of them. 

@lookingforanswers did you fix this? I have had a support ticket open with MS O365 support for weeks with no progress. Seems they have no idea whats going on either!


As Google sent me to this post, I like to share my info:


Now its officially documented: Its not working. "Notifications from private channels are not included in missed activity emails at this time."


and for history reasons: