Email notification to Team members when meeting is scheduled

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When I schedule a meeting in Teams only Team owners receive an email notification.

Is there a way for all Team members to receive an email notification?



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Hi @FrankGriffin 


This is the expected behavior for Microsoft Teams Channel Meeting. Members would not receive the Email Notification but they should get a Feed that there is a Meeting Schedule in the Teams Channel.


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Hi, thanks. What do you mean by 'get a feed' is this a message to their email? Or is it a notification in teams?



When a channel meeting is scheduled, only the members you put on the to line will get an invitation on their calendar.  Other members of the team who want to join the meeting but aren't on the 'to' line will need to add it to their calendar manually.  Members of the team will see when a meeting has started if they are in the channel - and they can join at any time.  There is no specific notification in their Activity feed about the meeting.

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Is there any way that all members in a team can receive an email invite to a scheduled meeting apart from including the team members individually in the To line when setting up the meeting?


I would like to be able to send an invite to the team in one go rather than having to do it for each individual member. 

I’d read through this thread and try out the subscribe members to events option! Let us know!


I have the exact opposite behavior, despite the O365 group setting for notifications to all members being OFF.  The channel calendar meetings are emailing the entire team (edit/update to my comment- it's emailing the GUESTS) when we've only invited two members to the meeting, and we don't want others to be notified for this.


We have the same issue.

Did you ever find a solution?


Thanks in advance!

@bert No I did not. But I must clarify... the issue was described to me and I relayed it, but upon investigating further I found that it was all GUESTS that get a meeting email notification. Members not invited do not get an email (ok good) but guests always do (very bad). The teams are used for large projects, having invited subcontractors and clients as guests, and we're bound by compliance rules from creating more than one team per project so we can't create a team just for the project managers to have their separate meetings apart from all project contributors. The PMs would like to be able to schedule a meeting for two or three people in the team and not have the client get emailed about it.
@bert The only "solution" I found, which isn't an acceptable solution, is to tell the guests to go into and unsubscribe from the team's outlook group notifications. We have hundreds of project teams, thousands of guests... we're not going to engage in a campaign to tell/educate guests on how to do that.
Hi Phil, this article
explains that it's also possible via the Manage Group email setting in Outlook.
Check the radiobox "Don't receive any group messages" and then the email with meeting-invites won't be sent either. Not ideal actually, because some messages are still useful to appear in the individual mailbox.
Hi Bert,

I understand there's a group setting but by default, it's off and yet guests still receive the notifications by being auto-subscribed to the Outlook group. And the article you share details what I mentioned... that the individuals can unsubscribe from the Outlook group on their own (which to me is not an acceptable solution). We need an admin-level switch to unsubscribe all guests... or like you say, since some messages you'd want a notification for, there should be a way for a team owner/admin to unsubscribe guests from meeting invites if they weren't an invitee. Nonetheless, thank you for sharing!