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Did some search but couldn't find anything. I have a question regarding the auto-generated notification email that are generated when someone update comments a document (e.g. word) located on MS Teams. 


EDIT: notification email are generated when someone comments on a document. 


Is there a way to stop these email from being generated? I've check all the notification settings for SPO, OD, etc but none of them relates to email generated.


Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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@Daniel_Serre that's not what happens by default, so something must have been enabled to produce this. Does the email show which service it's coming from ?

@Steven Collier 


It's coming from SharePoin Online which act as the back end of MS Teams. Files that are located in the document library can be collaborated on. When someone add a comments to the system generates a notification email to advise that someone as commented on their document. I wasn't clear on my initial post. It's not generating an email all changes, but when people add comments.

I believe you can go to OneDrive on the web, click the cogwheel and then OneDrive settings. Under notifications disable to comments related  ones.
I believe these goes for SP as well so try it out


Ok. I'll test that. Thank you
Hi Adam, I've tested disabling the following notification under OneDrive, and it worked. When people comment on my document, I don't get a notification email. However, I still do if they @mention me, which I think is normal because of the mention.
Email notification when others reply to your comments
Email notification when others comment on my document

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