Email id visibility in teams


Hi everyone,

I need your support on this issue, when we schedule the meeting in Teams outlook Email Id of the attendees should not be visible to external users in the meeting.


@Eric Marsi  



@Christopher Hoard 

@Allen Xu_MSFT 


@Steven Collier 


@paul keijzers 

@Bryan Nyce 

@adam deltinger  

@Chris Webb 


@Graham Walsh 


Zhengqi Lou-MSFT 

Vasil Michev 

Nate Loback 

Yuki Sun-MSFT 

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

@Satyendra Sharma 

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Hello, currently the only way is to use Outlook on the web and then toggle "Teams meeting" and select the menu bar option "Hide attendee list".


Note. Only for the meeting invite itself, not running Teams meeting.