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Is it possible to send an email (every day sales report) from Outlook directly to Microsoft team web page (ie not to the channel in conversations, but to the webpage) and set  it up  in such way that home page would be updated automatically every time a new email arrives ? 

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No, you can’t send mail to sharepoint! You can maybe check if there is any flow which can do an update to sharepoint in a similar way
So I'm assuming you have a file already displaying as a web part of something? If so Adam is on the right Track, you can use Flow to monitor a mailbox for e-mail, then you can take the attachment from that message (Note: make sure to turn the use HTML box is on, or you will lose sleep and rip your hair out trying to figure out why the e-mail parse doesn't work lol). and then move the attachment into the location where that report pulls from and "Overwrite" the existing file. Then this in turn will update the web page where it is pulling from.

thanks Chris - this is useful. can it be automated or should i do it manually ?


It would be automated based on using the when mail arrives trigger for Mail.

So figured I'd throw a rough shell together what that would look like. 

Obviously you need to plug in the other information, but it's trigger on shared mailbox > Get attachment > Update attachment