Email Address Change

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Hello EveryOne.


We are planning to Change the Email address for or 100 Users, so can you please let me know how it Impact MS teams.


If there is any impact can you lease help me to understand the same.




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I shouldnt be any issues changing upon, primary email! They need to log out and back in eventually
Do we need to perform any task on our teams admin center ?

@Anurag1311 no. Teams recognizes users using the GUID that Azure AD generates per user, no issue if you change the email address. To note it may take longer than you expect for the new address to show inside Teams, everything will work it just caches some of that data for a long time, I've seen it take a week.

ok so after the change can user use new login address for teams login?

EXample :- right now users are login in teams with and their email address is also
Now i am changing the email address from to

so while login on the teams user use which login name ?

@Anurag1311 Typically* they will log in using their UPN, this isn't necessarily the same as their email address. If you change the email but not the URN they will still log in using UPN. If you change both there may be some AD replication time but Teams will remain associated with that user.


* typically because there are configs to use email as an alternative to UPN.