ELin Number not updating in SBC logs during 911/933 Call

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we have updated the ELIN number for the existing subnets by using Set-CsOnlineLisCivicAddress command to add/update the ELIN numbers in US cities, . We have updated it successfully, however when we test the 911 or 933 call, ELIN number not included in the logs from SBC end.


why ELIN number not included in the SBC logs to confirm the emergency calls are routing via ELIN or not. 


From the SBC side, they are saying MS teams is not sending ELIN on the pidf+xml content even though there is ELIN on the emergency address.



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Last time I checked, `Set-CsOnlineLisCivicAddress` could only be used on non-validated addresses, and only validated addresses get used for E911 data in the PIDF-LO data. That is to say, once a civic address is created and validated, it cannot be modified, so you have to recreate it.

In addition, the civic address is used as a basis for the default location, so editing the civic address does not impact the default location. Take a look at `Get-CsOnlineLisCivicAddress` output and you should see a default location ID. Use `Get-CsOnlineLisLocation -LocationId <loc_id>` to get it, and `Set-CsOnlineLisLocation -LocationId <loc_id>` to update it.

If memory serves me correctly, you can edit the ELIN on the location (you'll probably want to test). So find the default location attached to the civic address, and edit the ELIN there, instead of the civic address.

Also, you will probably notice when you are looking at the emergency locations in the Teams Admin Center, if you click on an emergency address, there is a Location ID in the middle of the panel, this is the same default location id that you see in the commands. Subnets, switches, ports, and BSSIDs are all tied to that location ID, and not the civic address.
Thanks a lot @janglis i have already tried to update the ELIN using Set-CsOnlineLisLocation , however it cannot be the update the ELIN for the validted address. Set-CsOnlineLisCivicAddress, am able to updated and see in TEams admin center. but in SBC logs its not showing. Shall i take the EMeregcy calling is working fine using ELIN, eventhough its not showing in SBC logs as its default behaviour ,

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i have contacted microsoft and they PG team updated the ELIN number for the location on the vlaidated address and now SBC logs showing the ELIN number