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als IT-Dienstleister und möchte ich für einen Kunden gerne mehrere E-Mail-Adressen für die Nutzung von Teams einrichten. Leider bekomme ich immer die Meldung, dass „Jemand anderer bereits Teams für die Organisation eingerichtet hat“ und mich an den Administrator wenden soll. Ich kann aber nicht herausfinden, wer oder mit welcher E-Mail-Adresse schon jemand registriert ist bzw. die Berechtigungen zum einrichten neue E-Mail-Adressen hat. Es geht um die Domain Wie kann ich die E-Mail-Adresse ausfindig machen?

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@sbs-eckstein Hi,


I would recommend you ask the customer who has a account to supply you with a contact of someone who works in their IT department or they get in touch with them on your behalf.


Basically they will have an M365 tenant that has as a custom domain and they will be consuming Teams within that tenant.

And if they are already using Teams or are at least licensed for it. When they go to or the client and login using that account are they taken into Teams.


As not sure what your ultimate end goal is but if they are licensed for Teams and you are, then you could just chat with them or add them to Teams, if guest settings permit.


I see you mention multiple addresses, for one user or to cover all users at an organisation?






Hello Henry,

thanks for the answer.

I am the (only) administrator of the company and I asked all employees. There is no M365 account at the moment. First of all, I would have to set up teams for a few employees urgently and I am denied everywhere. I have no one left to ask. Can Microsoft give me the email address given to manage the domain? I would do everything else.

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Ah OK, so you are trying to make use of the free version of teams but it appears someone once upon a time has already setup Teams with an account against that domain.

In that case your best bet is to go through this process:

Or raise a support ticket:

It's tricky with account issues like these as Microsoft can't just access account information.